On Picasa and Google+

Once upon a time, Picasa seemed to me like the perfect integration of photo organization and online album publishing. You could non-destructively edit your photos and upload the result to a “Picasa Web Album” or mark an entire album as synchronized and have all edits automatically reflected in the online version. You could hide photos so they would not synchronize without the need to delete them or move them to different folders. You could specify with whom you wanted to share the online album (Public, share by link or share to certain Goolge accounts). To me, it was a pretty decent workflow.

Then Picasa was integrated into Goolge+ and rebranded as “Google+ Photos”. Now it seems to get separated again as “Google Photos”. And over those changes, some features, while technically still available, feel a lot less “integrated”.

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On Breaking Stuff

IMG_2801Getting into serious photography is worse than being a model train enthusiast: Not only can you upgrade like crazy and your equipment is never quite complete but everything is also stupidly expensive. So things like this are quite annoying.

Another thing I could rant for hours about is the inexplicably bad design of the standard flash mount. Whenever you tilt a happily coupled camera/flash combo sideways, you get the impression that the mount was explicitly created to break there. If nature created such joints, my arm would fall off every time I lifted my coffee mug.

Well, time to ponder about my obvious dexterity challenges and whether I shall try to fix it or buy something new. As I am migrating to off-camrea flash lately, the proprietary TTL systems do not matter very much anyway. That in turn means cheap alternatives.

On Art and Craft

I do not consider myself an artist.1-IMG_2487

That in itself is a pretty useless statement, because when you ask three blokes on their definition of art, you probably get about 3.141 different answers. With me, it’s even worse – I don’t even have a personal definition. Only some foggy intuition that a piece of art should form a statement (intentional or not) and that this statement should be one part of a dialogue with the audience. (For the mathematically inclined, this is my necessary, but not sufficient criterion for art).

And I do not make statements. I make pretty pictures.

On Small Orange Demons

One time, I got a stuffed animal as a present. I don’t remember anymore by whom it was nor when exactly that happened. But it was quite a long time ago. It was bright orange and filled with beads (which is called “Perlsack” in German, a word I heartily recommend to any beginner in that language to practice on).

I called this creature “Alonso”.

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On Photoshop

I recently stumbled upon this video and, well, had some strong opinions about it.

I got my first SLR camera in my early teens. I had things that were technically able to make photos before, but photography in my life really started with this Canon FTb. It was fully manual but had an integrated light meter. I read books about the basics: aperture, shutter speed, focal length etc. During the following years, I made a respectable amount of photos – and yes, they were exactly as terrible as you can imagine.

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